Saturday, November 18, 2017

#tfw you’ve been working on your argument for way too long...

#tfw you’ve been working on your argument for way too long

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Friday, November 17, 2017

help our school and get free shipping with the code BERKROSE10 ...

help our school and get free shipping with the code BERKROSE10 @novanatural @berkeleyrosewaldorfschool

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Fall has definitely arrived in the Bay Area, and I love it.

Making chicken soup.
The rain is here, and the cold. We prepared for this a couple of weeks ago with a new Fall meal plan, adding 3 nights of warm soup/ stew dinners. R and K helped me chop vegetables for Monday's soup. 
 We are trying to avoid plastic while reducing food costs, so here are some pickles I started. We got used to buying tasty lacto-fermented pickles in the store, but they come in plastic more often than glass, and however they are packaged, they are expensive. Since I know how to make them, it's an easy switch.
Fermenting dill pickles.
 Our pullets are grown and laying sweet little eggs. The older hens are coming out of a molt and aren't laying yet.
The pullets are all beginning to lay. 
 A neighbor was looking for willing helpers to pick the higher-up apples from her trees. So glad we replied first! A was a superhero for the hardest-to-ready apples. We kept 3/4 of what we picked and yesterday, we made applesauce from those that had not already been devoured by hungry children and teens. The Squeezo is so much fun and makes this job easy.
Washing apples we picked from a neighbor's tree, for a share.
Ready for sauce.

Last night's saucing. T and R were a big help!

Today I will can the sauce in wee jars- the 4oz size. Single serving foods are important for lunches and reducing waste, but I don't like buying the plastic applesauce containers, and the kids like room temperature sauce (not containers refilled from a jar in the fridge.)

G and I have been collecting colorful leaves on our bike trips, and this week has seen many fall decorations go up. 

Fall leaf transparencies were a hit. 

K enjoyed trying different color combinations with the beeswax.

We also dipped leaves in wax to make garlands, as you can see through the house. G is obsessed with holiday and seasonal decoration. 

My messy kitchen is where it all happens. 


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