Thursday, September 25, 2008

i do have really cute kids

but apparently You Tube doesn't want you to see any of them. actually, i think Tristan may gave deleted the video- i had it up in another window and it mysteriously is missing from my account. i do not have the energy to upload it again right now, sorry.

everything is very difficult right now. milking, house, food, kids, everything. we are dealing with Nimue-itis of every kind. nothing is streamlined, everything is clunky in my routine. but we are plugging away at it. it may seem squishy and lovely of me, but i am deeply thankful for Karl's support right now. he is being everything he is: understanding, smart, strong. milking is mostly my duty but when i need his help, he is willing.

speaking of milk, i have no more room in the fridge. i will have to star chucking food if i want to store more leche in there. i know what this means. it means i have to start using the milk. buttermilk, butter, sour cream, butter, cheese, cottage cheese, butter, ice cream, pudding, quiche, butter, kefir, yogurt, um... cultured butter? i have made some yogurt and cultured some buttermilk. but today i need to pull cream and make butter & sour cream, then use some of the skimmed milk for something- mozzarella? cottage cheese? cheese curds?

i bought a 3-hole punch. hey, it's a big deal. we homeschool, or at least we dont public school, and i am feeling a real urge to document, get organized, and perhaps not 'unschool' quite so much. i am seeing that Tristan (6, reads beyond his years) and Kassiopeia (4, not interested in reading, likes art) are needing something more. i was gifted a book, The Well-Trained Mind, and i love it. i wish i knew how to get something started with it. i am thinking i may need to purchase a complete lineup of their suggested curriculum for one year, just one year, in order to get to know myself and kids and then the next year maybe i will have the feel for it and can create/ gather my own items. i need to buy some simple, classic books. i need to find a math curriculum and a writing/ copywork plan for Tristan. i have The Story of the World Vol. 1, Handwriting Without Tears: Letters and Number for Me for Kassi, and some basic Science books on the 1st & 2nd grade level. they suggest life science first, though, and what i have is earth science.

how rambly of me. see this is why i would like a complete, organized curriculum that i follow every day. i am a mess.

the 3 hole punch is for my record keeping, if we ever have anything to record. i printed pages for record keeping from

Romneya is growing, but nothing like before- he isnt so chubby now. he wants to move! and if you lay him on his tummy he will scoot a foot or two. He is 8 weeks old.

Anatoly will be two soon (October 10th). he is very much two right now. the period from 18 months- 36 months has got to be, for my children, the most difficult time i have encountered. poor Tolenka is teething, having huge leaps in language, adjusting to a new baby, and just being two all at once.

yesterday the whole family was folding laundry. except Rome, he's no help. anyway, Tristan was talking about brainstorming and Kassi asked, "how can you have a storm in your brain?" and Tristan responded, in all seriousness, "water gets in there, it evaporates, and clouds form..." ! what a great boy he is.
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