Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Miracle!

The vet told me this morning that he would have called in the night, but he didnt have the correct phone number for us. In the night she coughed up the apple that was blocking her esophagus (right at the rumen entrance). it was just a halved apple that got stuck in the wrong way. this was unexpected and truly miraculous. there is no mechanism for this to have happened- it isnt like human choking. but it happened!

before everyone gets all excited, he also told me there are some very serious complications we have to be looking for, and mostly they would be fatal. they are aspiration pneumonia, infection at the trocar site (where they pierced her rumen) and irreparable esophageal damage. he started a round of antibiotics, some pain relief, and B-complex injections. we get to bring her home today.

i will continue the meds and add my own TLC. kombucha is a powerful cow-food that i have used. cows love it and it is the only thing that got Nimue to gain weight when she was in such poor health. i soak their concentrate feeds overnight with it and water. also i will give Arnica and the cow herbal blend i have which includes echinacea. because i will be dumping her milk (antibiotics) i can also feed her ample raw garlic.

i dearly hope Rori doesnt die. but if she does, it will now be at our home with comforts around her.
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