Saturday, September 20, 2008

why i created a new blog

i am starting this journal with a self-focused post, to get things off to a good start. blogging is how i journal, and a benefit is a record- something to look back at. over 5 years i have learned a few things about myself via this kind of journaling, and it is a good thing. i've also learned i don't dig the struggle to keep things protected or private and that i honestly do not care what strangers think about me. i am a happy individual.

of course if it were just a journal, i would make it private. i have found genuine friendship (and otherwise...) through blogging and hope to continue to (not the otherwise). here i am, world.

i am married: we are best friends. we have 4 children, a little farm, big dreams. as i get older i seek less and less from outside of this bubble. i don't know if it is because there is more to satisfy me here or if my needs are smaller than before, but i don't think it matters much. i am content with this existence.

we are driven to make a home(stead) for us, for the little ones, for the future, for whatever comes our way. so far it is: one small house on 5 acres. two jersey cows and their calves. an assortment of cats. two pyrenees pups. a laying flock of chickens. seasonal food animals. and about 300,000 honeybees.

those reading who know me, thank you. those who don't, nice to meet you.
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