Friday, October 17, 2008

chilly weather

finally, fall. i love it. the colors here aren't very grand his year. but the leaves are falling and the wind is crisp. october.

karl is building a hay feeder for the cows. i spent yesterday getting out the fall/ winter stuff- nothing fits very well, of course. i am personally thankful for a bunch of fall & winter handmedowns to me, sweaters and shirts. i am wearing one right now!

rome is asleep in the hammock, the kids are watching PBS. i have a lot of dishwashing and laundry to do today. i started feta with last night's milk, but i fell asleep without adding the rennet. it had been inoculated with yogurt. this morning i stirred in the rennet and we shall see! if it is a waste, the pigs won't mind. besides, i have an oversupply of feta. but it is so delicious and easy to make (unless you fall asleep!) that i am preferring it as cheese.

i am in the market for a third calf, for Nimue to raise alongside the two. she is being extremely difficult to milk, and if i am going to let the calves have her full time there might as well be more calves. a cow giving 6 gallons a day can raise more than 2 calves.

on a very serious note, i have been struggling lately. as Phoebe reminds me, this is about the right time for me postpartum to struggle. i am not taking my vitamins and fish oil like i should, i am not drinking enough water, and i am feeling a huge lack of energy and motivation. it is disturbingly like depression. it's complex.  to some degree it has to do with Rome being our last baby, something i honestly know must be, but is nonetheless and ending to something comfortable and a beginning to something unknown.
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