Friday, October 03, 2008

complete overwhelm

my refrigerator is full. there are no more jars to put milk in. i have several kinds of cheese made that are going bad because we cannot eat them fast enough. i am not making hard cheese right now, it is too much work and i have had too many failures. i have (good!) feta, lots of buttermilk, yogurt, neufchatel, sour cream and butter. i made 1.5 gallons of tapioca yesterday. i guess what we need are the piglets. they come soon.

anatoly is about to be two! i want to have a party, not that he will care, but sort of a make-up party since we didnt have one for tristan in august. but i am not sure we have the time. our days are non-stop and i am so exhausted at the end of them. but i sure would like to see some of our kid's friend's parents.

tristan got Kirby. and it is all he will do right now.

kassiopeia is sick with a stomach bug. this makes her very hard to please, of course, but i am doing what i can.

romneya is asleep in the hammock. i carried him in from milking in the hamock, because he had fallen asleep in it while it hung from the stanchion. i think the sound of the vacuum pump soothes him. he has officially outgrown infant prefolds.

i finally have a chance to rave about the sweet things my friend Joanna sent to me. a beautiful necklace she made, which i would take a photobooth pic of except kassi is wearing it right now (she loves it dearly and gets a 'turn' wearing it every day. lots of clothes for toly and pajamas, just in time because it is getting chilly at night here. he loves them and they all fit. tristan has laid claim to a dragon shirt that fits him. and kassiopeia loves the toys, loves to share them with rome. he is just now getting to a place where he likes to look at something besides a face. occasionally, he will even find his hands. oh and the bandannas have become capes, hats, everything possible.

thank you friend and i apologize for not thanking you sooner. <3

today should be busy, otherwise everything rotten about it will still be rotten tomorrow. by rotten i mean rotten- there are 3 gallons of whey in the laundry room that smell like... cheese. and the laundry smells like... pee. and the house does, too! i have no more room for milk so i had better find some use for it. tonight's dinner is chicken pot pie.

Rori is still with us.
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