Tuesday, October 28, 2008

feeling a little better

morning chores are done! it is cold and frosty this morning. i love the farm chores. i get to check on each animal and watch them doing their thing... we shake the persimmon tree and Anatoly tosses the fruits to the pigs each morning... the smell of the cow. yes, the smell of the cow! cows smell like goodness.

we have a toasty fire.

today, because i am feeling somewhat better, i need to fix everything that fell apart yesterday. everything falls apart when i am sick. karl took care of the the best he could. today i need to clean up and make a wholesome dinner so we can stay well.

we are concerned about Trick-or-Treating. we had plans to go but someone mentioned the Chinese Melamine issue, and it is a valid issue. if the poweder were in any candy, it would be in cheap halloweeen chocolate, etc. besides, Anatoly cannot have milk and it will be really hard to restrict him. what shall we do? why didnt we think of this earlier?

i'm out of milk jars. time to make hot cocoa.
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