Monday, October 06, 2008


my baby is 2 months old, and i would like to lose the baby weight. even writing that sounds trivial and silly, but it is true. Rome is very likely our last baby. i feel so complete with 4, (seasoned mothers will interpret this correctly as 'i am totally outnumbered!') and cannot find any yearning in my heart for more. but there is a desire to do other things, to let go of this time and grow with the kids through homeschooling, gardening, milking, sewing, knitting, cooking... all the things i love to do. yes! i am a person who loves to do things! imagine that. after 6 1/2 solid years of breastfeeding (destined to become 11 before it is over) it is honestly quite hard to imagine that.

but back to the baby weight. how can i do it? i am not a dieter. if i deny myself food i have problems with blood sugar. i am nursing 3 children. (check your opinions on that at the door, please! ;) ) as you might guess, i don't have a lot of time for contrived exercise. i milk the cows and run the house and don't have much downtime, unless you count times like this, where i can nurse the baby at the computer while typing.

i am deciding today that i need to dangle a carrot in front of my nose if i want to do this. the carrot has to be something i deeply want but cannot normally have. like to sew or to knit or to organize the pictures, order prints and make frames for the house of the kids. i just have to figure out what i should have to do for the reward.

i think it is a little pathetic that i wont do this just for the results. that, in and of itself, is a reward. but it isn't very tangible and i am already at a loss as to how to make it happen. my days are constant from morning 'til night and often, in between. if i had some free time i would not (as you have witnessed here on my blog) spend it doing situps.
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