Sunday, October 12, 2008

good weekend

yesterday we celebrated Anatoly. the party was fun. the ice cream was good. great company. interesting political implosion at one point.

i don't hide the fact that i'm voting for Barack Obama*. most of my friends are McCain supporters. i don't expect them to hide their opinions. i love them anyway. sometimes, though, i get the impression that they don't love me anyway. i do not mean anyone at the party or even anyone in particular, but it is a common, unnerving feeling that i get. at best, merely an extension of my 6th grader 'no one likes me' personality. at worst... well, it worries me.

karl is out working on the root cellar. i think he will post pictures this evening. i've made Stifado for the first time and decided to pair it with Rosemary foccacia, which i also made for the first time. i brined a new batch of feta, which is good because i used a whole lot (more than the recipe called for ) in the Stifado. i need to start a new batch tomorow morning. I like to start it with fresh from the cow warm milk, because it is generally just the right temp when i get it inside.

the cows are doing okay. Rori seems ok. we are keeping a close watch. she still has creepy 'subcutaneous emphysema' but that can take 6 weeks to dissipate. I am letting the calves milk Nimue since i dont need her milk right now. they are pleased.

dogs, cats, chickens all are thriving. we are waiting on about 12 pullets to begin to lay. the pigs arrive in one more week, at which point i may milk Nimue again to use her extra for the piglets along with our whey and waste.

i would like to sew. i still have the fabric i bought for curtains long ago, when i was big & pregnant. kassi asked the other day, 'remember when you were SO big and pudgy?' karl has tomorrow off and i am gearing up for the week... hope tonight's dinner is worth repeating!

*i would see so many things change and be different, as so many of us would... there isn't time in this lifetime to detail them. among them is Gene Wilder as president, with Himself-as-Willy-Wonka as vice. alas, it may have to wait until after the revolution.
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