Wednesday, October 01, 2008

i promise not to mention cows

you might think my whole life is about certain livestock animals. besides kids and family, it is. right now. in the summer it is about the garden, or the chickens, etc. in the spring i tend to start sewing and can talk of nothing else.

Romneya laughed! Tristan was tickling him and smiling him up and he laughed. Rome is now 2 months old. he's perfect. he fell off the bed yesterday, making him the youngest to fall off the bed for the first time. he was on him tummy and scooted all of the way to the edge to fall on his head. now i know he is mobile.

he is also at that cute stage where he likes to sit facing out in my lap and wave his arms and kick his feet, breathing fast as if he is actually going somewhere. i will miss babies. but missing babies, i feel, is a fundamental part of being a woman & mother. i no longer have the ache for another child that i have always succumbed to. i will miss it forever.

it is a little sad to me that Anatoly and Rome will not get to be aware & present during a normal birth of a sibling. Yes, Toly was there when Rome was born but I doubt he will remember it. I love how normal Tristan & Kassi think birth is. In this societal moment, normal birth is a priceless experience for children. the youngest will have to experience it through the tales of their own births. (all of my children's births are written out here. not for the squeamish-about-birth)

I updated my Google calendar to reflect my current schedule, and i would like to start baking our bread again. meal planning has shifted into something like a blend of a complete menu and our own recipes. it is good. Wordpress will not let me embed my Google calendar. hhhmpf.

Everyone is asleep except me. it is past time for me to remove milk from a certain pair of livestock animals. but i am moving my time to later in the day today, taking advantage of the upset of recent days to shift the schedule. i am done with milking in the dark.
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