Wednesday, October 22, 2008

those pictures i promised

The square-bale feeder Karl made. We decorated it! Why not?

Karl also painted my little shanty. I am looking forward to a chunk of time when i can decorate it, too. afterall, i spend about an hour and a half a day looking at it.

Romneya and his suckle-fist. he will lay like this for hours, content. i have to remind myself to nurse him sometimes. it is so different. all three of my others were intense, screaming babies. i loved and love them, of course, just as i love Rome. but it is alarming how different he is.

Here's the hay! 8 big round bales of excellent second cutting grass hay. We don't have access to alfalfa hay here, though it is grown in the area. I use alfalfa cubes (dehydrated, compact) and soak them.

Pee-pig! (according to Anatoly) They have grown *a lot*. they are also becoming more friendly. they know when we come around there might be acorns, persimmons or whey.

Toly loves the pee-pigs and ca- calfs!

One of the 'kittens' that are now cats...

Here is Rori who survived the freakish apple-choke. you can hardly see the place where we punctured her rumen.

And Nimue, another miracle cow! Here she is in the calf pen feeding her babes.

That's Jocelyn, Rori's calf.

And here is Phoenix, Nimue's bull calf.

Jocelyn with milk-face.

Henry & Luna, our pyrs. they are wonderful guardians.

I would have more kid pictures, but the older ones tend to be off doing something else when i get a moment to photograph things. Toly almost always follows me around.

Today i have decided to start taking my vitamins and drinking enough water, so that my eyes aren't itchy and dry all of the time. I am going to start thinking about what i eat, instead of living on the scraps from the kids' meals. otherwise, i will become more and more run down. and i can't let that happen. i am also cutting out all chocolate, which while pleasant gives me mood swings.  another big one, also mentioned in the comments on my post, is the media. i simply must stop reading the news.

So, to make sure today is as good as i want it to be, a list:

  • meal plan, woman!

  • make shopping list based on plan

  • dishes, laundry, normal stuff started

  • call pig folks about trading milk

  • milk delivery to friends

  • clean out fridge, sort milk sorta

  • send mail

  • copywork, writing, history with kids

  • take those vitamins!!!

  • make pudding, yogurt started, butter started

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