Wednesday, October 29, 2008

you know what i need?

i have 'things i need' revelations a lot. but i have one persistent one (beyond the sensory deprivation chamber i really need) that would really help me out.

i need a book, a little book, with blank pages in it. but it cant be delicate. and it needs a pen with it, or pencil, that cannot be lost. additionally it cannot be alluring to the kids because kassiopeia in particular loves little books and she will take it when i am not looking. the entire point of this little book is that i can carry it with me everywhere. why do i need the book?

because my mind is overflowing with lists of things i need to do or buy or make. things we need to prioritize. ideas for kids. farm information. and i never write these things down. i have no reliable place when i am out there in the house nursing the baby or cooking dinner and cant sit down at the computer. if you stacked up the items i thought of but subsequently forgot it would be a mile high!

for practical purposes, a list can really help us save money.  we have had luck making two lists: one of projects we can complete for free, as in we already have the supplies. for example right now one of these for karl is the root cellar and one for me is the curtains. we have everything, it will not cost a penny to complete these. (and can i just tell you how amazing it is to plow through a long list like that, completing project after project without spending a dime?) the second list is of things we must buy, absolutely must. not things we want.  the second list can be prioritized according to need and how much money we have to spare. this seems very obvious but making the lists, that is what is important.

the third list, of things we merely want, is fun too. but rarely do we have the funds to venture to things on that list. sometimes (often, really) the things we want and the things we truly need are one and they are moved to the other list. then we can enjoy our purchases. like my big canner and karl's DeWalt tool kit.

i also need this mystical book for farm stuff, homeschooling ideas, lists of things i want to sew or knit (i have not knit a stitch in over a year), lists for shopping etc. while nursing Rome i think of a treasure-trove of things, but because my brain is made of swiss cheese, i forget everything. but how can i make it happen? i wistfully stare at the 'little book' isle when i go to target... but can i reasonably bring one into my home knowing kassi will abscond with it and write large Ks over all my lists?


i want to thank you all for your great Halloween ideas! i think we may go, and trade the candy out at home. or we may investigate church/ community alternatives and still trade out the candy... i don't mind the sugar for one day but the possibility of melamine contamination is very real. in this age of profit at any cost, i dont put it past even the major brands. they might even have purchased what they thought was clean milk powder and unknowingly poisoned their candy. do i sound paranoid? i am. this isnt red dye #5, this is poison. Rixa, your point about not all candy having milk is valid, too, but my kids dont really like anything but chocolate candy! myself, i like Now & Laters and Sweetarts. but i never get them, ever. sniffle. if we trade out the candy we can trade it all of good stuff without milk and without krap in it. and the kids will be happy.
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