Monday, November 03, 2008

busy weekend

of course, halloween.

and then, an all-day wait for a chance to see Barack Obama. (success! karl blogged about it.)

and yesterday, a cool down sort of day, where we did very little. but i got some pictures of Rome and Toly at one point that i think show their personalities very well. so bear with me as i share them.

the many faces of Romneya. we call him Rome, Romy, Gnome-Gnome, and Rome-Rome.

his overwhelming mood is peaceful. i have never had such a peaceful babe.

he is trying to crawl already and cannot be trusted on the bed. he moves about a foot every 5 minutes at this point.

occasionally, he will catch a glimpse of his hand. he loves his hands, as you can see by his adoring look, and spends a lot of his day sucking on one of them.

ready to go again!

here he looks very much like Kassiopeia at that age.

i had to edit and say: except the jowls. none of they others have had the cheeks!

but here he is unique to himself. this look, and the one below, is just Rome.

hi handsome!


he just had a big growth spurt and isn't as pudgy as usual. he will get all chubby again soon.

uh-oh! now Anatoly is here for some pics. Anatoly is two. we call him Toly, Tolenka, Toll-Toll and Yenk-Yenk. Kassi used to call him Inky but not so much recently.

Toly is beautiful and jolly.

intense, feisty, loud and forceful. he has Totoro teeth.

here he attempts to intimidate me with a slimy toothbrush. classic Toly.

he has so much love. i get a million hugs and kisses a day just from him. he will take a break from his favorite toy to get a hug.

and always, Toly has a cut our wound or serious bruise somewhere. it is his signature.


i should try to grab a chance at pics of the older two. it is either they are off being busy or when i try to take pics they get all cheesy on me and they aren't so good. will try.

i took advantage of our insane milking schedule (with halloween and obama) to adjust to day light savings but the cows think its bogus. i can hear Nimue lowing outside.

today. i want to be busy and upbeat. i have books to send ala PaperBackSwap, dinner to plan and make, a messy, stinky house to clean and a mountain of laundry to fold. plus, my fridge is full o milk, my feta is ready to press, and some other feta ready to brine, and i have no jars in which to put my milk this morning. time to do something!

p.s. thank you for all your little list book suggestions! i have not remedied my situation yet but i believe the first thing i will try is two identical books so k can have one too.
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