Thursday, November 13, 2008

i didn't know

life could be this hectic.

and i don't even go anywhere very often. i am not currently gardening, harvesting, canning etc. just life with 4 kids is so intense that it keeps me from writing here as often as i would like. keeps my house a wreck and keeps me always behind in everything i do. if it is frustrating, it is only because i have not given up yet. i hope to admit defeat soon and stop caring about the house, about being productive. it would also help if i could stop wanting to be capable of more.

thank you all for your comments, ideas on anatoly. they keep streaming in. all of them helpful. tomorrow i am taking him to a new doctor, since our old doctor fired us, and hope to get a feel for the dr himself and what he would like to do. we may start elimination dieting soon... it is so hard to decide to undertake that again. we have been through it before.

kassi was given her very first Barbie doll. i approved of it first, so don't think i was upset. she loves it. of course she loves it! there is a big part of me that mourns the fact we cannot have for her everything i want. the same is true for all the kids. in a perfect world, i would have aesthetically pleasant, natural alternatives to everything. in this world, my real world, the joy on kassi's face when she plays with her new Barbie is enough.

here they all are:

toly & nearly crawling Rome:

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