Sunday, November 23, 2008

the mitten of shame

there it is, folks. the mitten of shame. a year ago i knit that mitten and another to near-completion. then i suddenly quit and did not finish the pair. this is even more shameful because i promised them as a gift, i even showed the complete mitt to the recipient and let her try it on.

sure, i had an excuse. i was 10 weeks pregnant with Romneya and very ill. very, very ill. so ill i ended up taking Zofran for weeks just to stay alive. i cringe at the memory of Zofran and its nefarious side effects.

but, sigh! the shame of it. this is not the first such project i have half-completed and left to rot in the knitting basket. oh, no. not the first. or even the fifth.

today i dug these mitts up and realized i had misplaced the 'pattern'. oh, crimini, i thought: the chances of completion have sunk to an all-time low. but then i searched through last year's blog entries where i found reference to the mitts and the pattern- a thrumalong via yarn harlot. i found and harvested the pattern (let's hope i was being honest about using that pattern on my blog. not that i lie online about which pattern i use to knit things, but still hoping) and printed it out with Super Monochrome LaserPrinter! and voila! now all i have to do is figure out where i was in the pattern when i tossed them aside. and complete. instant this-years Christmas present. or was it last years? perhaps it can be both.
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