Saturday, November 08, 2008

we picked up some germs at the doctor's office and now we're all sick, i woke up ill.

i have not blogged about this because it has been a slow realization, but i am thinking something more is going on with Anatoly than just teething, just being two, just being sick or tired or having a new brother, something more than having his diet issues or having been through a lot medically last year. those are all things we have 'blamed' it on. i have even spent the past few months thinking it was my bad parenting.

"When parents first find out about sensory processing disorders, their reaction usually comes as; a "flash", a "light bulb moment", the "Aha!"..."

when my friend Phoebe mentioned the possibility and described some symptoms, this is exactly how i experienced it.

are you familiar with sensory processing disporders or sensory integration dysfunction? i would love to hear about it. i dont know what this means or what we should do, but i do know i am feeling a lot less like this is my fault and that helps, a bunch.
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