Wednesday, December 03, 2008

enlisting the woo

please pray for us. things are not getting better yet. we desperately need a turn around here.

romneya & anatoly now have double ear infections, fevers. and rome wont stop vomiting his meds. they are calling in another med... which probably wont help, but we must go with it. we are all (except karl) so very very sick. the dr yesterday thinks my pneumonia is from the influenza virus, the 'flu', which explains why i feel like i am going to die.we all have conjunctivitis. tristan is strep-ridden.

and on top of all of that the cows are sick- winter dysentery, i suspect, but i do not know. i have done all i can in my state and hope they don't die while we are laying in our beds, suffering. i am not exaggerating, this could happen.

this illness is bringing ruin, financially and otherwise, to our home. i have hope that things will eventually improve. i need it to be soon.
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