Monday, December 15, 2008

happiness is mail surprises

i have received a few of these little cheer-me-ups , unexpected, wonderful: a felted scene from mom2radata. i will admit i have always coveted these as i have seen them from afar. always wanted one for our tiny home's wall. it is hopeful and cheery and bright.

and a set of 8 napkins (i love napkins. i have a large collection and love to mix & match them!) from danielle. thank you! these are so sweet!

then a box of goodies from Two Frog Home including local (to them) coffee, tea, activity books for the kids and yum... brandied cherries!

you guys have the cutest address/ labels. and our package was shipped in shredded money. i love it! thank you for thinking of us. what a warm package.

we have also received a lot of gifts that have made the sickness and time off for karl less of a burden money wise, and Christmas for everyone involved more bright and cheerful. of course Christmas isn't about gifts or big spreads... but we like to put a few gifts under the tree if we can. i also like to make a big feast on Christmas day. thank you all for your help and thoughts and prayers and food. i am feeling better and better. the cold weather has kept me in and i have been resting almost as much as i did after Rome was born. i have been knitting for Toly:

I am almost done with his Totoro sweater. the other kids all want one (even Rome, who speaks through Kassi). Kassi says she wants a kitty, tristan wants something war-like, and Rome wants a big nursle! on his (guess what that means?) hehe.

Karl wants one, too!
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