Thursday, January 08, 2009

Nimue & Rori Farewell

they are both gone. and it is good.

i didn't get all sad and i didn't take pictures of them one last time. i resisted the tiny urges inside me to do those sorts of things, because if i am truly honest with myself i must admit i do not miss them. i am happy for their new owners, and hoping the cows will be a blessing to them (whomever they are in the case of Nimue, who is at auction). i am choosing to imagine the Nimue is being bought by her perfect owner and that all will be well between them. and i am breathing a huge sigh of relief because it is painful to me to not milk perfectly good cows.

we have many memories and pictures and what's best: we have learned so much from these animals. we also have two calves out there: Jocelyn & Phoenix. Jocelyn will grow and in less than two years we have another chance at this milking thing if we so desire. if we don't want to we can sell her later too. Phoenix will be food for our family at the end of the summer. i look forward to that.

Rori's new owners are new friends to us and have a big beautiful family. Karl really liked the father and i the mother, and the kids seem very nice. we hope to visit them and Rori in the spring. Rori is a great cow and it would be harder on me to say goodbye if i didnt know she was in good hands. besides, she deserves to be milked and enjoyed, not just waiting in the field.

i am happy. i know it is hard for some to understand because i have been so close to Nimue in particular. i bathed her feet twice a day for a month. we brought her back from the dead and i am glad we did. but i am done. i have been done. i am so happy to say goodbye.
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