Sunday, January 25, 2009

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I am excited to have 5 friends to make something for (from the meme below). It may take me a bit, but it will be a fun process I believe.

In that spirit I would like to mention my friend Tansy who makes lovely & useful things. I am sure most people reading here already know her, but for those who do not here is a link to her Etsy shop, where just a minute ago I bought this month's Herbal Roots curriculum for my kids. (and some lovely earrings. shhh, don't tell!) I am excited about the Herbal Roots! I know from real life experience that Tansy has great taste and wonderful children, and I really look forward to learning from her while teaching my kids. You can keep up with her journey at her blog, too.

I am hoping to use this year to get more organized and adjust the kids to more formal schooling. My children are not compulsory age, but Tristan is reading & writing and Kassi is learning to write.  Next year I will be schooling Tristan in earnest. Herbal Roots will make a great ' life science' course substitute IMO, as my children learn just about everything they need to know about sprouting bean seeds and mammalian birth without a book.

P.S. The earrings I bought are these. I only wear plain miniature silver hoops which I never remove. But I have been considering an attempt at wearing more Things I Love.

P.P.S. Don't forget to see her herbal products.

P.P.P.S. If you say I referred you to the Herbal Roots, I could win a contest and get next month free!
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