Monday, January 05, 2009


i never imagined i would receive so many supportive and informative comments on my post about the evaluation. i am thankful for them all, but must admit i particularly enjoyed:

Dr.? It’s 1952 on the line. They want their ridiculously outdated notions back.

but maybe that's just 'cause i'm still feeling hurt.  anyway, i need to rest from this before i consider another doctor. and meanwhile, Toly changes every day. we are still keeping all dairy from him and me, and hope soon to try other allergens such as corn, soy, wheat, gluten etc.

I have been a little depressed since i recovered from pneumonia. I am not feeling like i can slip back into my normal life easily.  i hope i get over it soon. i have been feeling a need to create, thus the knitting, and also a little glimmer of hope regarding spring and the garden and doing that over again.


i just remembered i forgot to mention this- the print for my new tablecloth. i use (vinyl, i am aware) oilcloth for my table because otherwise it is very hard to clean the crayon, the paint, the food, the tomato prep filth, the onion skins... you get the picture. the last one we used for 3.5 years. it has holes now from accidental cutting and rough play. i am repurposing it as cabinet lining and getting a new one in the above print.

Karl's parents come to visit us in the spring and in my mind i am using that as inspiration to paint rooms and organize. we are painting the front room orange/ red. we havent bought the paint yet but we are moving towards being ready to. we need ceiling paint, the wall paint in the color we desire, painter's caulk and time. time because it will have to be done slowly with 4 little ones and taking things off shelves and into boxes... wall by wall. i love this house. it needs loving from us. ever since we came here it has been constant: milking, gardening, building and little time for trivial things like paint colors.

the kids want jewel-tone purples and lime in their room. hey it's their room! so we will paint two walls purple and two lime. we also hope to put up a paint chalkboard. i would like to make heavy fun curtains for the fronts of both the upper & lower bunks so they can have privacy and a ready-made secret fort.

today we are going to make rock candy - well we will start it.  i have sugar and string and natural flavorings to add. this is my first time. tristan is very excited!

we opened a box of goodies the other day from Tansy. it was delightful from the wrapping to the contents. the kids are proud owners of her creations- a felt food set which works perfectly with our new play kitchen and pans, a handmade game in a bag that tristan loves (it is just mysterious enough to him) and two handmade soft fabric birds that i love myself but i let the kids have anyway. yummy sweet treats... and more! what a great gift.

i love all the holiday cards we received this year. i have them all pinned up in the kitchen. thank you!

in knitting i am currently at the very beginning of a huge afghan, swatching with some fingering merino for something.. i dont know. right now i think it may become kassi's sweater. i have walnut brown and some of the same yarn in strawberry pink. i was thinking a fair isle section or two in a bottom-up raglan. i gave up on some babylegs i wanted for rome but it was too troublesome. every time i cast on it was too big so whatever. i made a tiny 10-cable hat for someone, and am about to knit 2 or 3 more for other someones. i am looking for the perfect little cardigan sweater for a newborn and then i shall knit one and some garter-stitch booties to match. for someone.

karl dearly desires a tororo sweater like toly's or at least a nice sweater for him out of the Marr Haven Worsted Heather. He likes the red/ burgundy but also likes the green & blue. i have no objections and would cast on for this any day but for the cost of the yarn. soon, though, maybe when we get our tax money. tristan also wants a sweater. i have been eyeing a viking chart pattern but cant find a way to get the chart.


tristan would probably be just as pleased with something like this. i would like to knit tristan's from Marr Haven too because he is sensitive to itch.

rome doesnt need a sweater yet because he is about to fit into the Cardigan for Merry margo made for Anatoly.

he needs baby legs to keep his knees safe. he is a crawlin' fool!
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