Monday, February 09, 2009

big day

today we start OT for Anatoly. i have no idea what to expect. we will see!

then, after that, we go to the Big City (ok, it isnt very big...) to drop off this computer and my pfaff and get bulk foods. and, if they have them, buy chicks!! pullets (laying hens) to replace ours this year. just in case. last year we bought pullets and then all our grown hens were killed by wild dogs, remember? so we feel it prudent to get more pullets, even though 1) we have henry now and he wouldnt let a butterfly cross the field and 2) we are building an enclosed coop.

my bulk order is small. just durum, sugar (for kombucha, we are officially off the sugar) and peanut butter (we buy it by the case, 2 at a time really,  from East Wind). there are other things i need while i am there: 5 pounds of cocoa (i cant buy my own full sack because it comes in 50lb bags.) and 5 lbs vital wheat gluten (for the same reasons ). i need marshmallow root powder for the kids' schooling and supportive medicine because we may get chicken pox soon. i need sushi rice, umeboshi because the kids are begging for sushi night. i need maple syrup, vanilla, and bulk olive oil and organic shortening. i have a list made somewhere.

you probably saw over on karl's blog he made a greenhouse for me this weekend. i started tomato, pepper, tomatillo and herb seeds yesterday. they are out in the greenhouse and the chicks will, be, too if i get some.

ETA: the first hatch at Estes is this wednesday, the 11th. so i claimed my pullets for then. hopefully we will be returning to pick up a certain iMac and can pick the chicks up, too!

so, we only have one computer and this is it. we will be offline for almost a week. sniffle. so i leave you with pictures of the little O'Melays yesterday:

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