Tuesday, February 17, 2009

computerless no more

over the past week it has become apparent that the computer is at the center of our way of life. phone numbers, recipes, maps, adresses.20 times a day at least i search out an answer to a question from the kids. occasionally it is me and karl who need the answer, neither of us sure of one thing or another. my beautiful monochrome laser printer is useless without its iMac. i found homeschool pretty impossible without the internet and the printer.

i know this isn't the way it has to be. i could adjust our lifestyle to live without the computer. but i am really glad i don't have to just yet. iMac is fixed and home, and i am happy.

in the wake of the computer and sewing machine drop off, we went to a birthday party and had a lot of fun. 72 hours later we had the stomach flu. well, kassi had it. then rome. then tristan. then karl. now, me. i was so sick yesterday i couldn't stand for more than 15 minutes. fever and vomiting mostly. also, body aches from the fever. the party was worth it, though. that is the risk we take when hanging out with fun like minded people. these were the nice people who bought Rori. they have 5 wonderful children and there were more families there, too. the kids had a blast and we adults enjoyed excellent conversation and discovered that we are more alike than we previously knew. who could ask for anything more?

now, we are probably going to get the chicken pox in the next 4-16 days. so we have a small arsenal of natural helpers and i hope to get well and make a lot of food ahead so i wont have to do much during the illness but care for the kids. right now i feel like death.

karl went to springfield yesterday to get the computer, of course. and the sewing machine fiasco! i almost forgot. see, the place i dropped it off at last monday couldnt order Pfaff parts. so when karl went up yesterday he had to pick up the machine and drive it to a new place instead of bringing it home fixed. he did so, then the repairman called me at home and told me it was going to be very expensive- too expensive- to fix and he recommended i buy a new machine.

i don't doubt his honesty. karl met him face to face and believes he is trustworthy, and in my experience that means he is. karl is always right about people. but the machine was not cheap. by not cheap i mean we will probably spend only slightly more on a used car. but if it is going to be this expensive to repair, what is the point? the features this machine boasts are pretty amazing, though. i would have a hard time settling for a lesser machine. and it isnt as though it is poorly made and thus broke- it is only 5 years old but i have put the miles on that thing. i ran a business off of it for a couple of years. when karl spoke to the man again he was saying that he had thought it over and really perhaps it wasnt too expensive to repair. he looked the machine over and saw it was a fine thing, and a lesser machine wouldnt replace it really. but it is all mute, either option is a lot of money for us. the repair guy is supposed to call today and let us know if he can give us a trade in price. we will see.

karl also brought home our pullets- 12 silver laced wyandottes and 2 auracana pullets for the kids to love on. they are out in the brooder in the greenhouse.

this will give us even more motivation to build the chicken coop. we poured the piers the other day- but illness has kept us from any further progress. a real chicken coop! i'm very excited.

in my rambling way i will also add that i weeded the strawberry bed (before the sickness) and karl is going to build 2 more raised beds next to it so i can divide the berry plants. i should have done that in the fall, but it was not to be.

oh! and i know a lot of people wanted to hear about the OT. it was fine. the therapist is really nice. i like her a lot. mostly this was a planning/goal setting session but she was spot-on with Anatoly about his SPD. everything was all light-bulb moments, yk? she would say something and i would say something and all the pieces fit together perfectly. he is hypo-sensitive in his tactile, prioceptive and vestibular areas. this explains so much- his teeth griding (all the time) , his chewing and biting, his climbing jumping, spinning and swinging and his fear of heights at times. his scratching and picking at his own body, biting himself or hurting himself. his extreme carsickness and his need for hug-eee and key-kisss all of the time. how much he needs to nurse and how he must sleep intertwined with me and has clothing issues. the only issue i felt like they avoided was the peeing issue. no one gets that.anyway, the OT will be every other week and the 'special instructor' every other week, so once a week. i can cancel anytime.

i think that brings up up-to-date. here are some pictures.

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