Friday, February 20, 2009


i am ready for friday and this weekend and karl being home. yesterday i canned beans all day. i have 72 pints or so to show for it. it is a good thing but canning with a big baby on your hip leaves your legs sore.

about the sewing machine poll- most people seem to think i should buy a new, mechanical pfaff instead of repairing mine. well, a third option has come up, because i emailed Pfaff corp about this issue. they are aghast at both the broken display and the cost the repairman is suggesting and would like me to ship the machine to their repair dept asap. so i think that is what we are going to do. meanwhile, i will take some of the advice here and buy a used mechanical machine of some kind as a backup. but we are going to avoid the local pfaff store. i joined an old pfaff forum online where they talk old pfaffs. they are recommending the 1222, 1222e and 1217.

oh, as a side note, 150% of our tax return is spent on a car, if we find one we can afford, that we all fit in. we do not have such a vehicle right now so that has priority over sewing machines. we would like to find a used eurovan we can buy outright.

today i have to clean up from the canning day. and i hope to clean out my fridge. i have no idea what i am making for dinner. after work, karl is picking up the wood needed to get the chicken coop going again! so i may be out there helping him this afternoon.

for those with a bunch o kids, i have a question- how do you feed them? is it just my kids, or do yours, too eat all day constantly? there isnt enough food in the world to keep them full. tristan will eat 1/2lb of meat and complain of hunger. he will eat three sandwiches and complain of hunger. it's constant on all fronts! i am loosing my marbles. ideas for easy filling snacks, things that could be made ahead, all welcome. (note: we do not use microwaves, so they have to be reheatable by normal means) thank you for your ideas!
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