Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i'm feeling better this morning!

somehow i am always surprised when i get better from an illness. deep inside i am often convinced i will never recover. i'm easily defeated like that in most of my endeavors. yesterday i walked through all i had to do but felt terrible. in the evening, though, karl went shopping, cleaned the kitchen, cooked dinner (with tristan's expertise help) and cleaned up again (he put the kids on dishes duty). it was the most wonderful treat. thank you, karl! i was able to sit around, hold rome and knit while all that took place.

rome has his second tooth. he is very proud of it. if you touch it and coo at him he gets all puffy-chested and smily and crawls around in circles. he is, already, an expert crawler. he crawls better, i think, than any of my other kids did. perhaps because he has to be quick as baby # 4. he is single-minded and is not easily distracted. with another child you might toss a toy in front of them to keep them busy for a moment. not rome. he will crawl right over the obstacle toward his original destination.  yesterday rome was a mess- crying and whimpering all day. it wasnt the tooth, he must just be virus-ridden. i held him 90% of the day.

the other kids are recovered from the flu. eating normally, which is to say, constantly. they are anxious to return to a homeschooling schedule and i am not quite better enough to do that. i will ease them into it starting today.

the chicks are all fine, the animals are all the same, everything seems to have gone on without me while i was sick. that's good.

today i am feeling ambitious. i am knitting on a second thrummed hat, this one for tristan. i imagine i can finish it today.

i am going to soak my beans for tomorrow. about 15 pounds of black beans and 10 pounds of red kidney beans. for canning, of course! i have braid after braid of garlic from our garden and plenty of pint jars in need of filling. we have been out of black beans for months and only have had chickpeas. now we are out of those! so after these beans, more chickpeas. but that is for later. fyi, i can in pints not because we only eat a pint at a time (i wish!) but because i can fit 18 pints in each canner but only 7 quarts. the pints mean more beans canned per load by 2 quarts.

once i soak my beans i will attempt to have the kitchen clean and the jars all ready for tomorrow. i will have two huge pressure canners on the stove tomorrow so everything must be clean and put away.

it is very brave of me to soak the beans. once i soak them there is no putting it off. makes me not want to do it. but, it must be done.

i am having trouble deciding about my sewing machine. the man at the shop said he would give me a $200 discount on the lower-end mechanical machines. that means either $699 or $799 for a lower end new pfaff. or i could pay almost $600 for fixing mine (and it could break more and again. of course, so could the new ones but they would have a warranty for a year and they have no computerboards to replace. it is also important to note the displayboard is $400, the rest is labor and the tune up and there is a wiring thing they are fixing) . mine is an awesome machine. a lot of the awesomeness i dont need, but some of it i really like. part of me wants to fix it and just hope & pray it wont break. then i could keep my eye out for a mechanical back-up on ebay or something. another part of me wants to wash my hands of it and get the lesser machine all new and shiny. so i will attempt to insert a poll for you all. what do you think i should do?
[polldaddy poll=1380441]
rome is begging at my foot to be picked up.
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