Thursday, February 05, 2009

an outing, spring weather, plans, ramble

tomorrow the kids and i are going to run errands. i don't leave the house much. i have a hard time going out for many reasons. i am not a confident driver. i get lost very easily, too. and i do not enjoy being around people that aren't in my small category i call friends. also, anatoly gets very very carsick. so going out... not so much fun.

but we need to pick up the bulk order and some other items from the natural grocery (marshmallow root powder for Herbal Roots!). we also need to drop off this here iMac at the repair shop. the cd slot may have something other than a cd in it. don't ask! it will be so hard to be sans computer for a week! well, it shouldn't take a week but it may be close to that before we get it back. also, my sewing machine died and i need to bring it in to the pfaff man. this will no doubt cost a fortune. the machine is computerized and has blown a fuse. while it is there it needs a regular tune up, too. so a full day and probably expensive. but the machine and iMac will be left behind to be picked up next week. seems silly to drop them off on a friday... now that i think about it. that's a whole weekend they probably won't even be working on them.

oh well, perhaps we'll go monday. i never miss a chance to delay outings.

spring weather is here today. i know it won't last. but i so want it to. i always do. and my heart is always crushed by the cold again and the snows in march... today my clotheslines are full and the windows are open. we're going to grill dinner. i got sun on my arms and neck.

i need to start seeds this weekend.

just a few minutes ago karl and the kids and i walked down in the woods to the place where we will build our new chicken house soon. after we build a mini-greenhouse this weekend we will begin the coop. i am thrilled to get the chickens in a coop with a run so we can keep them out of the garden and my flower beds. romneya is finally at an age where i can wear him in the ergo and he is happy. right now he is asleep on my back and is so easy to cart around. we can build the whole coop with him on my back. tristan, kassiope & toly will have to help.

yesterday karl taped (measured) the pigs and they weigh about 260lbs apiece!

our walk in the woods was hope filled. baby jersey heifer Jocelyn sniffed my hand and i could almost imagine falling in love with her and milking again... someday. our fearless pyr henry is so warm and soft. it is still winter but i feel good.
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