Wednesday, February 25, 2009


the kids are playing the piano behind me. it is loud.

today we are going to start flower seeds in the greenhouse. kassi has several packets she would like to see growing around the peach tree. so we will give it our best effort.

yesterday was a complete loss productivity-wise. i am still struggling mightily with Pfaff and the local Pfaff dealer over my machine. i don't have the heart to write it all out but i am totally unable to afford the repair and now Pfaff is saying i can't send it. i need a sewing machine right now more than i have ever needed one. of course. 3 of our down blankets are in need of repair (by a machine, as my hand sewing doesnt cut it for keeping down in!) and tristan keeps ripping pairs of pants like it is going out of style.

i got a machine from freecycle but it is not in any kind of working order. it is even missing parts. i reposted there, perhaps something will turn up. meanwhile, i am looking onto antique machines for a back-up. machines like the old dressmakers, old pfaffs, etc. it is so hard to know if something out there on the internet is good. i wish someone had a beautiful perfect machine for sale and i could trust them. i would by it, you know? i am so scared of getting burned because the money is too precious right now.
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