Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Anatoly update

Anatoly has been adding new words and language to his repertoire. It began with "Wait a Minute" (Incredibles quote) but has blossomed into wonderful and welcome conversation. After "Wait a Minute" there was "Show Me" & "Hey There!" and then "Yet" and "Enough" and "Something"- three words Toly tacked onto everything (and still does) trying to figure out where they fit. Pee, pee, yet. Hug-ee, nough. Pee, pee, somp-et. Often, his unique language catches on and we start using it. Now we ask him if he needs to go "pee-pee something"? Yesterday when the OT had a big bag of balls and Anatoly looked in he said, clear as day "What's in there?" He didn't say it to her, he said it to the balls inside. That is usually how he starts though. He says things to no one at first. Then eventually he will try it out on us. Right now he is communicating 300% better with us than 6 months ago. When he is eating dairy, he is poisoned. When he is not, he is able to grow and learn and catch up even with the things he missed out on. It makes me very happy and sad all at once.

I never really wrote about this, but we did not get the Chicken Pox. We got sick, and then Toly woke up covered in red spots, but they were not pox. They were hives, head to toe, and they got so bad over the first day that his mouth and knees and eyes swole up. We took him to the doctor and got a powerful antihistamine. The doctor didn't think they were caused by a virus (why, I am not sure, but he said he felt like perhaps Toly had developed a new food allergy). Toly scratched himself bloody for 2 days until the antihistamine finally quenched the hives. Its a bad thing for Anatoly to have scabs or scratches because he picks at them endlessly. So right now he is healing slowly from the hive-scratches.

We need to do a total elimination diet with Anatoly, I just never feel like we can. I dont really know how and it seems so impossible. Anyone who has been through it want to hold my hand?

P.S. Toly asked Karl last night "Lo-Love, me?"
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