Monday, March 30, 2009

fabric is my favorite.

I like yarn, but I also really like fabric. I am over knitting. It happens to me every spring- I just lose the fire I had weeks ago for knitting. I want to sew! These emotions are complicated by the new/ old sewing machine and not really being comfortable with it. Like, how do I sew a buttonhole? Do I have to do it by hand?


Karl came home with two dresses worth of cotton the other day that he picked out. I love them. They are enough for Kassi and for Me, although Kassi has declared the pink hers and the purple mine. I may do that, and make opposite 'matching' aprons for us both. Besides, there is only barely enough for two dresses each, especially with how full Kassi wants her skirt. She likes to twirl!


I also have some dress cuts from last year that I never got to...

This picture is of a lime green gingham check seersucker. The photo doesn't do it justice, it is wonderful. I have 7 yards of it.

And yesterday I was shopping around on Fabric. com and couldn't help myself (!)

I bought a lot. There was a 30% off all clearance fabrics coupon! I have been a customer for years, and if you haven't ever dared shop there you should. Buying fabric online seems strange but they are kind, generous, and helpful.

This one for myself.

This one for myself and enough for Kassi, too.

This one, also enough for both of us.

Those two are just for Kassi, she picked them out.

I have always made Kassi's dresses without a pattern... Just using a teeshirt bodice and making it up as a go. I am considering buying a girls dress pattern in all sizes, though, because she is no longer a baby and her body actually has measurements. I am considering the girls regency patterns (scroll down on the page) The skirts will not make Kassi happy, though. There is also the "romantic" pattern, (also scroll down) For me, because I am still waiting for my patterns from Kathy's Modest Dress store (grumble) I am considering the 1914 Tea Dress pattern, which has nursing instructions too! I have tried the Regency dress and it is really not my style. Perhaps I didnt size it right, but the bodice is all wonky.

And the summer is coming and soon I will have no time to sew!
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