Monday, March 09, 2009

The Homemaker

This is my new sewing machine. New to me of course, not new to the world. It is a Japanese-made Singer clone called "The Homemaker". They made tons of these clones, and they were very, very well made. This one is no exception. Made before they realized they could make sewing machines out of crap. Nowadays you can make just about anything out of crap, and sell it legally. They don't call it crap, though. They call it new, 'space-age' plastic/ polymer/ slag metal. The Homemaker is real, solid, something you can tinker on. It came to us in need of nothing but a good cleaning. Craigslist, baby. $35.

The Homemaker sews more powerfully than my Pfaff, if a tad slower. I shall miss my integrated dual feed, and my needle return. All my Homemaker does is straight and zigzag. But it is real. And you get the distinct impression it would sew right through your thumb. I am in love with this machine. When I use it I feel ripples on the deep pool of desire I could muster for antique sewing machines.  Must. Not. Allow. This is adequate.

You see there it is built into a little (not original) cabinet. The table is more room than I have ever had to sew with. My fancy Pfaff has always sat on a little hall table next to my serger. So this is luxury.Oh! And it has a knee-pedal instead of a foot-pedal. I love it!

I haven't been able to sew anything but a few napkins and a rash of repairs that had priority. I would love an afternoon to sit down with it and do something fun. A dress for Kassiopeia or the curtains I have been wanting to do for half a year... Even a dress for me. I am hoping to have the chance soon.

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