Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i <3 collapse

I really love the word collapse. It isn't one that i used a lot before, say, last summer. But I am using it a lot now.

I haven't really organized a Big List of things we need in our household in case of Collapse. We are always working towards that possibility while trying to remain sane. A lot of what we are buying with the not-car money is aimed at possible Collapse.

First, my usual disclaimer is that we probably will be killed by all the have-nots in the event of a collapse. Still, we must attempt to survive. We just aren't nearly as cut-throat as I am certain most others are (or will become), and we live on an exposed stretch of road. In the event of serious Collapse, we may flee if we can find a situation with other families that is more secluded. Okay, I know, this all sounds wacky. Bear with me.

It does no harm to prepare a little, especially since I think it is obvious we are going to have to weather a depression, which is like Collapse Lite ®. People on the news were arguing about whether or not this is a "great" depression. Well, people, they didn't call it that while it was unfolding. What a lot of nonsense. I digress,

Kitchen Improvements and Supplies

House Improvements and Supplies

Farm Improvements and Supplies

Seeds, heirlooms

roosters/ sires

Things to have on hand in quantity

Fabric, Sewing Needles, Thread. I would like a non-electric treadle machine.

Lye and Oils for soapmaking.

Rags and towels.

Excess Canning Jars, Canning Flats: at least enough to can everything in your freezer.

Repair/ Parts for canners. A Solar Dehydrator.

A grain mill that does not require electricity. Wheat (or grain of choice)in food-safe storage.

Proficiency in cooking and baking by hand. I have a hand-crank pasta maker, can knead bread dough, and make tortillas a lot.

Salt, Rice, Beans, Sugar/ Honey, Baking Soda etc in bulk.
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