Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I think I may be better today. If I am cautious, it is because it seems like in the evening everything gets worse- the body aches come back, the pain! And I am so tired of taking tylenol. I am not the kind of person who takes medicine like that a lot. At any rate, I feel less sick this morning. I slept very well, even with the two littlest sardined against either side of me.

Yesterday the kids and I cleaned out my flower beds, forked the soil a little and added compost, planted some herb plants they had picked out (lavender, marjoram & rosemary) and Kassiopeia's white pansies she chose. I also scattered some seeds: 2 varieties of Zinnia, one of Bachelor Buttons, some Cosmos and a new color of Morning Glory to add to 'our mix'. This one is called Rose Feather and it is pink. Then, as I finished the work, it rained a long beautiful spring rain. An inch of rain. It was perfect.

Kassi has started flower seeds in the greenhouse and she wants to plant them 'around the peach tree'. This is fine with me, but I think we should build a raised bed, since digging around the tree isn't savory. Then, the bed could be useful year after year for whatever flowers her heart desires. Some of the seeds she started, after all, are perennial. She has carnations, snapdragons, zinnias, buttons, sunflowers and coreopsis, lupine, everything imaginable in there. It is low on our list of urgent priorities but we do need to build several raised beds out there, for this and also for other spaces. I am wanting a permanent basil, cilantro & dill bed. They always reseed and I may as well take advantage of that, instead of having dill and cilantro and basil in all my other rows like weeds. I also would like a bed of just certain herbs, such as marshmallow, scullkap, etc.

Karl has suggested in the past that he would like sunflowers out by our mail box. That will require a raised bed or at least some added soil to the area. Sunflowers require so much.

You know, it won't happen this year but I have always wanted hollyhocks.

Rome has 4 teeth, and he is starting to mimic the older kids when they play-clap with him. It is *the best*. There is nothing in the whole world like watching your sibiling children play together for the first time.
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