Sunday, March 15, 2009

in the epic spending spree of 2009, more purchases are made...

a new front door! anyone who has been here would know that this was a desperate need. we have put it off because it is expensive. because this house is so small and the construction of hewn oak timber, we have to special order the door. and that is exactly what we did. hooray!

karl narrowed down what kind of truck-bed toolbox he desires. so that is as good as purchased. And he bought new truck tires. we decided against more   dishes from lehman's. we need to put into envelopes the cash we have set aside for pig processing, for broilers, and broiler feed... i am getting a new rolling pin, a real one.

karl will be going up to springfield soon and buying some wire & big cuts of dress fabrics, also some wheat for my new mill. new mill! should come this week. i am really excited.

karl worked on the new coop a lot yesterday. it is almost ready for the roofing and siding. then the run and the inside stuff like nestboxes and roosts and windows.

today we are making chickweed salve from our chickweed herbal oil. all this from Herbal Roots. Kassi wants to practice numbers (writing them , i think she means.) Tristan is 5 books in to the Magic Treehouse series- i have to slow him down so he doesn't read them all in one day. also, since it must be done, i will incorporate cutting seed potatoes into our 'homeschool' day. i think the kids will be interested to know that even if we cut them, each piece becomes a whole new potato plant and so on. i hope to plant potatoes tomorrow, before it rains.

yesterday i did re-pot tomatoes. all of them. there are very, very many. i didn't count them. but they are large and healthy plants. we have about 5 weeks until planting outdoors. there are hot peppers and tomatillos, too. they look great. lots of serranos. and we changed the chicks' bedding. let me see if there is anything else...

  • we have broiler chicks (50) coming april 20th.

  • we put a leather collar on jocelyn and she is getting used to it.

  • the lettuces and spinach and arugula are almost ready!

  • kassi wants me to learn to make cake-icing roses. a survival skill no one should be without.

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