Sunday, March 01, 2009

monday stuff

here is what is going on at our place:

  • Anatoly is sick. We strongly suspected Chicken Pox since he is at the exact average number of days incubation since exposure, had a fever (and a febrile seizure) for a day and then broke out in red itchy bumps all over his body. But today the first bumps aren't blisters, and there are just more and more bumps. There are hives  spreading between the bumps and Toly is miserable beyond any relief. We were using witch hazel on the skin and oatmeal baths until yesterday evening when we caved and started benadryl. He was up most of the night scratching and crying. The bumps, and the hives, don't go away and just keep spreading and flaring up in different locations. At this point they span from his face to the bottoms of his feet. His lips were even swollen yesterday. I am calling to doctor today and probably bringing him in. I dont know what else to do.

  • Rome had a fever yesterday. I haven't looked him over for spots yet today.

  • I have a bunch of bills to send off, and a package (which I promise was packed before we got ill- like 2 weeks ago!) so I may do that while we go to the doctor.

  • Kassiopeia and I started flower seeds the other day. She is very excited. Her chick, Leafy Princess, is thriving and all the chicks are almost completely feathered out.

  • Tristan is sitting behind me reading Highlights. Toly is scratching himself raw while he watches Spirited Away. Kassi is caring for Rome. The little Wudgle himself is just waking up. I am tired. Karl is at work.

  • I have a big mess in the kitchen, piles of laundry, and so on.

  • I have to cook a lot today so we can have sitting-around food.

  • I finished Tristan's hat, am halfway done knitting my plastic-bag clothespin bag, and am about 40% into a little newborn hat for a gift. Anatoly has been surprisingly accepting of my knitting recently.

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