Wednesday, March 04, 2009

money talk

We have made a big, giant decision that will really change our lifestyle. Want to hear about it?

I am happy to say that last night Karl and I agreed, instantly, about this choice. It was one of those moments where I felt very strongly about our purpose and the rightness of our relationship. Not that I ever question that, but you know what I mean.

I was talking about Buying a Car. It has weighed heavy on me for months. We *need* a car we all fit in. But every fiber of my being screams against it. I have called dealerships, scanned craigslist and others, asked all my friends for help and advice. We have the money to either buy a car outright or put down a very pretty percentage. Tax money, and the sale of our current car, add up.  But I dont want to be in debt. And I don't want to spend all that money on a car. It feels so wrong.

The reason it feels wrong is because we are experiencing a Depression. Buying a car will not help us through it. Now is not the time to buy a car we may not be able to buy gas for by summer. Going places isn't going to be our friend if we are to make it. We have made a very unpopular choice last night not to buy a car, and to sell our current car, and only to have the work truck. I will go nowhere unless I must, Karl will do the shopping. His little truck holds 4, so he can still bring some kids here or there. And, over the next couple of years, if the 'right' thing comes along, we may find ourselves with a car we all fit in, who knows.

We will use the money for our home. To batten down the hatches, if you will, for the storm ahead. That means investing in our hometead, in food preservation, in our farm. Everything from buying canning flats to building the solar dehydrator. Buying all our broiler feed ahead, putting a new door on our house and getting the solar thermal up & running. All of these things would happen without this choice. But they would happen slowly as we scraped the cash together just barely. All the while I would be stressed to the hilt and aging at an abnormal pace. When I think about using this money to secure this summer I am at peace. Imagine! Not having to worry about buying more canning flats or picking up more feed for the chickens. Imagine! Having the solar done outright after these 4 years. It is everything I ever dreamed of. No, really, it is.

As I said, this is an unpopular and abnormal choice. I hope that it can be understood by our few friends. Friends we wanted to go visit this spring- and friends who live nearby that we love to spend time with. New friends we have not yet met but probably won't now. The Baker Creek festival is not in our future. I guess I worry a little about the kids. We don't get out a lot but neither do we have friends over often. I want to extend a completely open invitation to our local friends that they can be here any time. Please, do, come. My children would love it. And we will plan birthday parties for our kids that invite all to come, so you better! <3

As waffly as I sound when talking about the kids, I feel so good about this choice. It is obviously the right choice for us because we both have hoped and prayed for an answer and this feels like just the thing. I would love to hear your take on it.
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