Friday, March 13, 2009

more illness, new things, cold snap

It was spring! And of course the cold snaps are part of it. Sigh.

I brought some of the kids to the doctor for a check up and when we took off Tristan's shirt he had a few patches of mysterious red bumps. The doctor thinks he has chicken pox. We will know today. I thought 28 days post exposure was too long.One thing is sure, the bumps are itchy and driving Tristan insane.

We have bought more stuff. We bought a netbook for the kids to use. We bought a new router for our wireless internet. We bought a ROKU box. The DELL won't be here for a few weeks, or the router. But the ROKU is here and it is more perfect than we imagined. It is really amazing. Yes I am also preparing for total collapse but meanwhile, the future is in streaming video. I am such a contradiction! Still, we are trying to walk a fine line. We can't completely seclude with our deranged pioneer- leanings, and we can't extrovert and live in the present, either.

We also bought paper, a real rolling pin so I can make tortillas more easily, a motor & such for the chicken plucker, the grain mill, socks for Karl and are looking into the new front door. I ordered chicks and priced out feed. Oh, yes, and 6 new 5-gallon food grade buckets and gamma lids. For wheat.

Next on my purchasing list: Canning flats for the year plus enough extra to can the meat in our freezer. Perhaps a mandoline slicer. Some gift-stuff for the kids' birthdays. A few bolts of fabric. Sewing needles and a tune-up kit for my old machine. More granny-ware dishes and a kerosene lantern...
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