Sunday, March 08, 2009

planted onions, chard, beets, kale, spinach and arugula yesterday March 7th. we started some of these things in flats in the greenhouse and i planted those too, so they are a few weeks ahead. that's just for my reference. salad. yum.

Like Christmas.

Our tax return arrived mystically in our account. Because we are not buying a car, we are making The List. I have already bought a couple of things. We all got new 'crocs'. Except for Toly- he has hand-me-downs. And Rome- he can't walk. I bought Karl a new pair of nice shoes, Keens. I bought Kwik Sew for Children because I have long needed it. Tristan outgrew Kwik Sew for Toddlers years ago.  And I paid off the little bit of debt we had. We are once again completely debt free, not that we had much hanging over us. That is one big reason why we just couldnt get into debt over a car. Debt free is too nice.

Also on The List? Well, not all of this will make the final cut, but here is a look at The List:
front door
front window
pig processing $200
broilers, feed for the season
plucker parts (karl building chicken plucker!)
bulk buckets & lids
country living grain mill $400
truck toolbox
bags to freeze broilers, the real deal
fertrell mineral for Jocelyn
money for the vet
canning lids & some jars and plastic jar lids
solar dehydrator this & that
solar thermal- wood & pipe

more granny ware plates/bowls/cups

i want a half a grassfed beef from my father but i need someone to split it with us. we just don't have freezer room for a whole one.

some dress fabric for kassi and me $100
sewing needles and sewing machine kit about $35

case of paper reams
laser printer toner

roku box $140

a netbook computer for the kids

propane. also a kerosene lamp and fuel.

making our wood hybrid stove work. our current cookstove is gas/wood hybrid but we dont have the chimney.

subject to change without notice.
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