Monday, March 23, 2009

still sick

This illness is still clinging on. I felt almost recovered yesterday until the evening, when I had a total relapse into body aches and coughing and wheezing. The kids are still sick, too. Poor Rome has a bad cough. I canceled OT for today. I guess I am sick again because we did too much yesterday. I felt so recovered that I cleaned out the laundry room. That meant dust and filth... not good. Hopefully I can take it easier today and shake the sickies.

It is spring all over. The apple trees are budding, the strawberries, everything is green. All thr beets we plated are up, and the onions in neat rows, and the lettuces and kale and chard. The potatoes are still resting in their rows. Soon, I will plant another big, giant row of beets. Also patches of dill and cilantro and basil soon. The carrot beds need a little work but then it will be carrot time.

While sick, my grain mill arrived. It is beautiful! It has to be securely mounted before I use it (even hand operation) so Karl is going to build a wall-mount. Eventually he will motorize it. Right now a million other things have priority over the mill- the chicken coop, the chicken plucker, the root cellar, the solar dehydrator, the solar thermal, cleaning out the garage, getting ready for bee season, etc.

Today I need to make tortillas and bread. I should also clean out the fridge a little and get all the laundry folded. There are probably a few loads to wash as well and despite the rainy forecast I doubt we will get the rain so I can line dry them. My tomato seedlings need a little attention. The kids each chose a plant at the store the other day so we may plant those- Marjoram, Rosemary & Lavender.

Thank you for thinking of us while we were all sick (again) I am really hoping that was winter's last hurrah.
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