Monday, April 27, 2009


How is it going for you w/out your dryer?

it's wonderful!of course the weather has been pretty fair, but i have had some moments when i needed to get creative. karl installed a retractable line in my laundry room, from end to end. it is so high against the ceiling i just leave it out and when there are no clothes, you can barely notice it. it has 5 lines about 15 feet long, so a lot of room really. i use it when it is raining, going to rain, or when i have a late night load to hang and don't want to mess with the outdoor lines. things dry pretty fast as i have two windows in there, a crossbreeze.

the outdoor lines are two 75-foot pulley lines. they are great. i have them full almost every day, though, and wouldn't mind a third. i have not used my dryer in at least a month. i lose track of time. karl is going to remove the stinking thing soon, we have just been so busy.

thanks for asking!

the dress looks great! is it b/f accessible?

yes, it is! and thank you. it has buttons (in my case, resin snaps) from top to bottom like a jacket. i have no trouble unsnapping a few in the right spot for nursing.

maybe you can run a quick seam to take the pants in in the meantime?

i suppose i could! i hadn't really though of that, silly me. i had tried a belt but i really dislike the way they feel.

what sizes are you wearing in clothes?

i am on my way from a 12 to a 10. the pants that don't fit are size 12.

Your strawberry beds look so wonderful. How long have they been established?

this is the big bed's third year. the little one is new this spring. thank you, i hope for lotsa berries.

Have you looked at AmblesideOnline?

i haven't but i will! for at least the first year of 'formal' school, i really feel i need strong direction. as in, every day planned already. i have a lot of tools to create my own way (well-trained mind style) but i just don't have enough experience to know what i am planning out. this is why i am drawn to SonLight. but i still haven't made up my mind. your advice (and others') is welcome!
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