Monday, April 27, 2009

getting ready for OT

at 9am. so i must make this about list form?

  • planted 19 Amish Paste tomatoes the other day.

  • plus about 16 mixed tomatoes after that: Yellow Pear, Green Zebra Stripe, Pantano Romanesco, Cherokee Purple, etc.

  • kassi's flower beds are packed with her very own flowers.

  • dug a giant hole yesterday in the rocky soil. about 18" wide by 18" deep. the chicken coop run now has two big posts. one more to go...

  • it is raining right now, which is a beautiful thing. i weeded and cultivated the onions and beets yesterday and this rain is soaking right in to their roots.

  • Jocelyn, our heifer calf, had her first heat yesterday. annoying right now but definitely a hopeful thing! you can't have milk without first having a bellowing, hormonal baby calf.

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