Saturday, April 25, 2009

i did it

i have been witness to enough Dora recently that a certain song is ringing in my brain... Anatoly has fallen in love with Dora.  but, you know what i did? i ignored the house (and kids) and sewed a dress for myself. it is 1) a little big and 2) a little wrinkled and 3) a little wonky, would make somewhat differently next time oh and 4) i feel like such a housewife in it but i guess i am a housewife...  all qualifications aside, i am happy:

it is a common sense pattern from kathy's modest sewing patterns (flee! run away! do not take this as a recommendation!). the pattern is poorly written and printed, but i did manage to use it. it has pockets and waist ties and i used resin snaps instead of buttons. things i would do differently: there are a lot of 'flow' issues in the pattern, steps that are in unfathomable order, etc. also, i like to finish my sleeve hems before i sew them up. little things like that. and this is no fault of the pattern but i would put deeper darts in, as my bust in the largest of the 3 sizes and the rest of me isn't. i would keep the larger skirt since it could be gathered, and honestly i might even widen the skirt. i like full skirts. the short sleeves are too long... i am going to fix that on this dress and next time i will shorten them before i cut. anyway, i am proud i was able to give myself the time to sew it, even though the house fell apart and the kids went wild. i am going to try to make a regular event of it if i can.

Anatoly got his first haircut yesterday. sorry- no pics yet. as many might know, i intended to never let Anatoly cut his cornsilk hair, at least until he was 18. but fate intervened at the tender age of two and a half. Karl was installing the wonderful new door and was using some of that expandable foam spray. Anatoly grabbed it, grabbed the nape of his neck and smeared it in his hair. there was no other choice but to cut it. i saved a single golden lock, because i am a collector of those sorts of things.

we planted our first row of tomatoes yesterday evening. the Amish Pastes actually, for no other reason that that's what we chose. 19 of them. today we will plant another row of someother kind of tomato... Omar's Lebanese, maybe... and we have an assortment of different kinds for a mixed row: Yellow Pear, Black Cherry, Pantano Romanesco, Green Zebra stripe, Lime Green Salad, German Stripe... then we need to plant the hot peppers: Serrano Tampequino mostly, but also some Hungarian Black and Romanian Hot.
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