Tuesday, April 28, 2009

living - week 1

today i intend to fight the overwhelming overwhelm that is my daily life. instead of surviving today i am going to have fun.

instead of measuring today by how much i get done, i am going to measure it by how much i can involve the kids.

i can't teach them to have a joyful life at home if i don't have one, too. as simple as that sounds, life has become strained for me. i love it, but i am worn out, intensely tired, and it shows. this isn't how i want to be/ live/ parent/ exist. the kind of tired i am has nothing to do with the farm or garden or chores. ykwim?

so we'll make tortillas and cinnamon rolls and apple cake. together. and we'll fold the clothes together so i can sew for them. and we'll start some seeds together in the greenhouse. and i am calling to cancel OT/ EI. (ok i realize that is a totally different subject... but still. i'll write about it later.)

so i am making sort of a challenge like you see on blogs. starting today, i hope to update each tuesday about my week of living and what i did to change.here are my goals so far:

  • parent more, yell less, practice patience with the kids

  • involve the kids, be aware of them

  • listen more, meet anatoly's needs.

  • live more- plan, prepare, and enjoy homemaking. put my whole self into it.

  • break routines- stay up, allow myself to sew and clean and do tasks outside of the normal routine.

  • run a tighter ship. finish tasks i start in order to enjoy the satisfaction of having completed them.

  • heal myself. remember to take supplements, drink water, kombucha.

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