Monday, April 13, 2009


I was sick, again- mastitis, badly, terribly. It's over now thank goodness.

To answer questions: the bees we hived this year were from Walter Kelley. We prefer Kelley for supplies so we thought, why not bees? The new little hive seems robust. As soon as the weather allows it will be time to fill out the frames and remove the queen's little cage, etc.

Also: Yes! My tomatoes are still thriving. As you've seen in pictures, I have the tomatoes on shelves and as you can imagine the topmost plants get the most sun. So I rotated them and actually got a little sun scalding on the plants I rotated to the top. Whoops! Nothing serious. Should have rotated more and sooner. Remember that, blog!

Rome took a single step. It will be awhile before he is walking, but the important thing is he realized he took the step and now it is his every wish to do it again.

Anatoly has had a huge language rush, and with it some seriously upsetting back-steps with pottying, biting and so on.  I hope things lever out soon. One of his new sentences is "Lo-Love a-you mama". SO GOOD.

Tristan is a reading machine. He needs more Magic Treehouse. And the new DELL is also keeping him enthralled. We got Webkinz as gifts and that is his new internet obsession.

Kassiopeia  is so grown up. So tall and lovely and even helpful a lot. With the baby, with cleaning, with many things. She sometimes is rebellious and wont help but if you wait, she will offer her help willingly a lot of the time. Hard to believe she will be 5 so soon.

Karl's parents are visiting soon. The kids are excited. I hope we have our own pork back by then and can feed them lots of things from our farm. They are only here for a short time, and mostly I would like the kids to have fun with them.
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