Wednesday, April 22, 2009

more planting

Megan! I got your package! Thank you SO SO MUCH!! I am sorry I didnt get back to you right away, karl's parents visited, and so on. but thank you very much.


this year is starting to fly by for me.

yesterday, karl prepped and we planted our pole bean arches and two wide rows of bush beans. at the head of the rows we planted the tomatilos we started from seed. last year, we planted the tomatillos a couple of weeks before our tomatoes and they did very well. besides, my greenhouse is bursting at the seams and it is best to spread the work of tomato/tomatillo/ pepper planting over a few weeks instead of doing it all at once.

so in the garden we have beans, tomatillos and two huge rows of beets. two raised carrot beds and a whole row of greens/ lettuce/ kale/ chard/basil/dill. a beautiful onion row and a big row of potatoes. at the beginning of may or so i will plant (all on trelisses) cucumbers, butternut squashes and pumpkins. and bush type summer squash- yellow crookneck this year i think. the latest things we plant are sweet potatoes and okra. for a few years, there we planted edamame in may but we are short on freezer space due to meat and will likely not plant it this year.

we have our first batch of Cornish chicks. 51 little birds. they hatched april 20th. in about 2 weeks they will be out of the brooder and in their movable pens. karl is building a chicken plucker this year. i am usually the plucker, now i will be able to help with other tasks too.

karl posted tons of pictures over at his blog, so you may have seen my strawberry beds. i am so proud of my established bed this year. i hope to make jam, if the kids will leave me any berries. seriously, for the weeks of berry-ripeness the kids live on nothing else. it is too beautiful a thing to refuse. last year we covered karl's birthday cake with fresh whipped cream and heart shaped strawberry slices. his birthday is may 19th, so not long to go!


karl did something so wonderful... i was just talking out the raised beds i would like for kassi around the peach tree. and he built them! he bought the materials and built them all in an afternoon. they aren't done only because we need to add/ amend the soil. then kassi has big plans- many flowers she started from seed when it was still winter, and two packages of petunias and so on. it will be her little flower garden out there.


we are on our way to less lawn, more food. the entire front lawn, which includes both areas pictured above, will become raised beds, with the eception of the drive through area. occasionally, karl needs to drive his truck through. so that will remain grass. there will be a second asparagus patch next to the first, a set of long raised beds between that and kassi's beds, and more... all filling in and with paths of woodchips between. it is so sunny out there and the soil is lacking, so raised beds are good.

in animal news: Jocelyn is great, so is Phoenix, we miss our pigs but not that much, Henry is lovable, the laying hens are laying, the replacement pullets are growing and the cats are multiple. (the kittens are so huge. and hermione has 'hidden' them, though i know where they are, in a box of my fabric. grumble. at least they are out of my laundry room. they are still unnamed) the new broiler chicks i already mentioned. oh, and the bees! seem happy it is spring.

in child news, all is well. the kids love the new trampoline the grandparents o'melay brought. homeschooling has been very unstructured as we prepared for the visit and get the garden in. speaking of homeschooling, right now i am torn between two purchased curricula. OakMeadow and Sonlight. they are different, i know, which is why i am torn. opinions welcome.

tristan is an amazing reader and is so full of laughter.

kassi has a mind full of the names of flowers and trees and words to songs.

anatoly is an Act of God.

romneya is the happiest person i know. his hair is like brass.
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