Friday, April 03, 2009

the rollercoaster that is spring

Things have been start & stop, up and down. Mostly down, really, but anyway. I am going to make an entry and write about pleasant things because they are happening, they do happen.

This morning Karl informed me that Hermione (the cat) had given birth. She has 3 kittens- like her first litter- but this time they are new colors, definitely a new father. I saw this Tom, actually, and was hoping he was the babydaddy. He was a white tabby, a big gigantic white tabby Tom. Hermione is a long-haired mackerel/tortiseshell tabby manx. Her newest litter consists of one true calico kitten with tail, one white tabby without tail, and one mackerel tabby (with some white) with tail. I don't know the sexes yet but we can assume the calico is female. I also can't get a decent picture yet but I promise I will, soon. They are in my laundry room nursing.

I sewed a tiny dress yesterday from a pattern I was given (thanks, Wendy!). I misjudged the size, though, and it was too small for Kassi so Anatoly claimed it. Oh, well. I didn't mean to sew a dress for my son, but he did love it. I will probably send it to another little girl somewhere. Of course Kassi was sad, so I will have to sew her a new dress soon. My fabric arrived yesterday and it is lovely. Karl wasn't impressed with my purchase, but I can forgive him. :-D

We received the new Dell Mini and the Linksys router. The Dell Mini is awesome and the kids are in love. They are already owning the thing. The Linksys router took at least 5 solid hours to set up. I was on the phone to the Philippines for at least that long. I do not recommend it, but now that I have it working it is smokin' so I guess I can't complain.

The garden grows. The tomatoes, tomatillos & peppers are awesome in the greenhouse, better than I have ever grown. The pullets that were in the brooder in the greenhouse are now in their own chicken tractor. They will only be there until we finish the chicken coop and then integrate them into the main flock. The new broilers (50) arrive April 20th.

Karl bought a second chest freezer yesterday. We are buying 1/2 a beef from my father in addition to the 2 pigs that we'll have in the freezer very soon. Then the 100 chickens... so you can see why we need a second freezer. We have an old spare fridge we will be getting rid of and I imagine we can run the new freezer for less energy than the old fridge.

We have friends coming to play tomorrow. So today I will be cleaning and thinking about what to feed them. I am so excited!

hermione's second litter
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