Friday, April 24, 2009

trying to get motivated

this is one of the more intense times of year, garden wise. it isnt that my daily workload is huge, it is that it should be. it could be. or i can put these things off until later and have to do them all at once later... it doesn't sound so unappealing in my mind. i started about 200 tomato plants i think. we will only be planting 80 at the very most, possibly just 0 depending on how brave i get. (am i going to grow melons?) the rest will be given away and or ssold to various friends who have asked. but planting ours will be a very big invoplved deal that i really ought to be already preparing for.

also, i need clothes. it has gotten really sad. nothing i own fits me except a pair of Columbia hiking shorts. i have fabric and patterns. but no time to sew. or at least, i don't allow myself the time because i have found that whenever i do the house crumbles to shambles and i pay, big time, for the chance to sew. but i need a couple of dresses and pairs of pantaloons, at least. i know there are worse things than too-big clothes but it is really sad to have your pants falling down all the time.

so i need to get it together. start living in today and not planning for later, because the time has come iykwim. it is warm and sunny and time to plant.

karl has kassi today for her first dentist appointment! they are also picking up a bulk order and 1000lbs of chicken feed for the broilers. we have a new feed formulation this year and i am feeling pretty hopeful about it.

perhaps i will wipe down the table, ignore the dishes (and children) and sew a dress today!
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