Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Well, I hope the greenhouse fared well in the night- we had a hard freeze here.  We lit candles and had an incadescent light on in there. Outside we covered some of the garden and the strawberries because they were blooming. We did our best. A little later I will be out there uncovering and checking out the damage. I really hope that was the last cold night.

Yesterday the hogs went to slaughter. Zelda weighed 364 and Kirby 334. I really, really loved keeping pigs and I will miss them, but not that much. Though we named them and spent time daily with them I have no mixed emotions about their purpose. I will miss them because they were pleasant content beasts and they ate all our food scraps, which was handy. We will probably  get fall hogs again this year, but the spring and summer is chicken raising time.

Also yesterday, we received a new queen bee and 3000 bees in the mail. They are still in the kitchen until it warms up enough to establish them in a hive. They are Russian. It is very strange to have 3001 bees in your kitchen.

I have (finally) received the patterns from Kathy's Modest Patterns or whatever the company is called. Please know I link to them out of warning- do not attempt to buy patterns there! It was over a month before I received mine, and the back-and-forth emails between us were not friendly at all. I suppose they think because they are a family business they can wield that as an excuse for lazy business habits, but they have lost my business permanently. Also, the quality of the patterns is sad compared to others like Sensibility. I bought Kassi two epatterns there, my first time with epatterns. I bought the Romanitc Era dress and the girls pinafore/ pants pattern. I have not pieced together the paper and traced yet because I dont have any tracing paper or interfacing.

I have been the lucky giftee of two packages. First, we received a new Mandoline that is exactly the same as the one on my wish list! I am so overjoyed! It is sturdy and awesome and it really is the exact one I wanted... thank you!!! I haven't used it yet but soon! If that wasn't enough, though- your other gifts made the kids' day! Eggs full of confetti! I had never seen those but they were a blast. A little blank-paged book for Kassi with her name on it sent her over the moon. And the books for Tristan! He is deep in his first "merlin-mission" Magic Tree House. We need to collect all of these books because he is in love with them and reads at least one a day. And a set of bright happy crocheted dishcloths for me! I love them. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

AND we were gifted with a care package of chocolate, coffee, Life in Ancient Rome and... WEBKINZ! We had not delved into the world of Webkinz yet but I have to confess they are a huge hit. The big kids have adopted Bar-Bar, an arctic seal for Tristan, and Cheerly, a polar bear cub for Kassi. Tristan has already tricked out Bar-Bar's room online. So much fun! Thank you Feebee!

somehow, no matter what I do, I want a new dress pattern. Now that I have the one from the place, I want the Romantic-Era woman's dress from Sensibility. What I really should be pining for is time to sew.
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