Tuesday, May 26, 2009

beautiful farm days

we lost 1 chick the other day- we have 49 now.

rome is on my lap, the other kids are sleeping. kassi had a very hard time falling asleep last night so we are all tired today. still, i feel hopeful for a great, productive spring day. sounds like i can put laundry out today if i bring it in before the evening. it has been raining for days so we really need to wash clothes! i have been using my indoor lines just to dry diapers and essentials.karl actually made the no-dryer thing official (not that i have used it in months) yesterday when he removed the thing from the house. leaves a lot more room in there, eventually that room will be for the grain mill.

also yesterday, we castrated phoenix. and karl got into the bees! the 'new' russian hive is doing so very, very well!

i am hoping my okra is sprouting after rainfall for days and sunshine today.

we should be getting our half beef tomorrow or soon. i may make hamburger buns today in expectation! we haven't enjoyed beef in a long time. well, since merlin i guess! phoenix will be more beef later. this beef is one of my father's steers.

  • i should pick strawberries

  • put the mail out in the box

  • laundry of course! and folding it...

  • make hamburger buns, think about dinner...

  • dishes, kitchen, etc

  • render lard

  • clean out fridge if it rains

  • any number of gardening duties- weeding and so on

  • pot the melon seedlings to keep them happy until dry weather permits planting. probably this weekend.

  • tether the tomatoes while it is dry today.

  • farm chores

i guess i need to get those clothes on the line!
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