Saturday, May 09, 2009

How do you can them?

Wendy had asked about my canning dry beans.

I use a pressure canner to can all kinds of dry beans, including chickpeas. I can raw, soaked beans which makes it very easy and leaves very little mess. They cook right in the jars. It is very simple, but you do have to have the pressure canner(s) of course. I have two large All-American Pressure Canners made by Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry. I love them. When I can beans, I can as many as I can soak. Often I end up with 4 canner-loads in one day, each load holding 18 pints, and I have both canners going at once. I have found I really don't have enough time in one day for more, with the cooling and heating of each pressure load. This is a chore best timed around the seasons. Get this done before Summer, enough to last until cold weather arrives again. It is hot and long work, but it is not hard.
soak beans overnight or up to 48 hours, rinsing and changing soaking water as necessary. You can add lemon juice, whey or raw vinegar to the soak. Keep the beans warmer if it is winter.

rinse & drain

fill pint canning jars 2/3 full of soaked beans

add 1/2- 1 tsp salt per pint. I use Redmond's.

add spices of any kind, such as: 1 whole clove garlic, 1 - 2 table spoons chopped onion, salt and pepper, paprika, chile powder or cumin, etc. you can also add flavors by boiling things in the water (ham hocks, bay leaves, or kombu.) or replacing the water in part or completely with bone broth or stock.

top off with hot water, 1" head space, apply flats & rings...

pressure cook 10 lbs pressure for no less than 75 min and no more than 110 min.

after cooling undisturbed for 48 hours, remove rings wash & dry and store for up to and, really, beyond a year.

it is wise to boil the beans before you eat them, though not absolutely necessary. never consume unsealed beans or any questionable canned item. the seals when you consume them should be very hard to break. if so, you can trust your item as long as you have followed the canning instructions. we make hummus out of canned chickpeas without reheating.
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