Wednesday, May 06, 2009

if it would just stop raining!!!

i had my lines packed with clothes and sheets and diapers yesterday when it started raining again. i barely got them in, damp. but that is not the worst part about this rain.

our tomatoes are mostly planted, and are happy and not drowning, but this is just the wrong weather for tomatoes and i fear for aphids and fungal disease. but that is not the worst part about this rain.

i am growing depressed from the lack of sunshine and the kids keep getting into the mud and having mud fights. but still, not the worst part in my opinion.

the worst part is that we have so much planting to do and no foreseeable dry window to do it in. i don't mean one or even two rain-free days. i mean at least 3, preferably hot and breezy days to dry the soil enough to plant even walk out there. even the raised bed which is ready to receive my eggplants is too wet to mess with. it is never okay to dig in or turn wet soil.

poor baby eggplants. poor hot pepper menagerie. poor last row of tomatoes. poor pumpkin, squash, cucumber and melon trellises. poor early summer crooknecks.

today, instead of sulking around wishing i could plant, i am going to prep for canning tomorrow. that means washing jars and having them out in rows on clean counters, finding every large bowl in the house in which to soak chickpeas (for that is what i intend to can) and dusting off the pressure canners for a big day tomorrow. we will can chickpeas until no Harkonnen breathes Arakeen air! i mean, i am going to can every chickpea in the house. i have 25 dry pounds.
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